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Team Rider – Nic Crisp

Team Rider – Nic Crisp – Video

Team Rider – Nic Crisp – Bio

Nic as a Wakeboarder this season took out 3 QWA awards at the end of the season and was pipped at the post for the QWA Wakeboarder of the year by a competitor that will go to the worlds in a few weeks, and I will also mention that Nic beat in the Aust Open in Bli-Bli this season finishing 3rd behind young Coby France. This season past Nicholas competed in 9 events finishing 7 out of 9 of these on the podium, including a third at the Aust open and 2nd in Amateur mens at the Prowake event in Grafton, not bad for his first season and for someone who gets to ride twice a fortnight a pretty good effort. How soon we forget.

With 17 flips and rolls learnt this season he will continue to progress and has since the end of the season added a mobe and raley to his run. Come and check it out one weekend, he would love to show you where he is at. He plans to take out the advanced level of QWA in 2012/13 and progress to the next level, and will be focusing on being competitive at the Aust open, Junior mens, and representing QLD at the Nationals to do his current sponsors Prowake & any future sponsors proud and give them a return on their investment.

Wake boarding aside Nic has been progressing well on the Sky Ski also and I’m informed now is without doubt the Number one ski skier in the country U 18 and he is only 15. With a combination of 8 flips and spins including the addition of a heli that he landed this weekend (past), some well informed locals have put him potentially at the top of the list world wide (to be confirmed) for under 18s . Any known skier world wide under 18 apparently only have 2 to 3 inverts but the heli has confirmed Nic’s ability as world class.

Sound like fun?